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Pro-Kid Policy Plan

Children are our state’s greatest resource, and the decisions our leaders make about them impact our collective future.

Voices for Children in Nebraska has developed the following Pro-Kid Policy Plan, focusing on the issues of health, economic stability, child welfare, and juvenile justice. Our policy priorities are guided by research, data, and proven best practices that improve child well-being. We pay close attention to the impact of race, socioeconomic status, and geography, and seek to remove barriers to opportunity within these areas. This plan represents our vision for a Nebraska where strong communities allow all children to thrive.

Voices for Children works to ensure that:


Children and families have access to affordable, quality physical and behavioral health care. Consistent and preventive health care gives children the best start to grow up to be healthy and productive adults.

Economic Stability

Families are able to achieve financial security, and children’s basic needs are met. State economic policies support families in trying to build a better future and balance work and family life.

Child Welfare

Children grow up in safe, permanent, and loving homes. An effective child welfare system strengthens families and minimizes trauma through timely and appropriate action.

Juvenile Justice

Youth are held accountable for their actions in developmentally appropriate ways that promote community safety and allow them to grow into responsible citizens.

Contacting elected officials

How to use your voice on behalf of children

Do you have something to share with elected officials about children’s issues? It’s easy to contact policymakers using these tools — a legislative map, contact information for your representatives, and a wealth of information and data at your fingertips.

1: Find your district

2: Identify your elected official or officials

2021 Nebraska Legislature

Senator District Office Phone Email
Aguilar, Raymond 35 471-2617 raguilar@leg.ne.gov
Albrecht, Joni 17 471-2716 jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov
Arch, John 14 471-2730 jarch@leg.ne.gov
Blood, Carol 3 471-2627 cblood@leg.ne.gov
Bostar, Eliot 29 471-2734 ebostar@leg.ne.gov
Bostelman, Bruce 23 471-2719 bbostelman@leg.ne.gov
Brandt, Tom 32 471-2711 tbrandt@leg.ne.gov
Brewer, Tom 43 471-2628 tbrewer@leg.ne.gov
Briese, Tom 41 471-2631 tbriese@leg.ne.gov
Cavanaugh, John 9 471-2723 jcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov
Cavanaugh, Machaela 6 471-2714 mcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov
Clements, Robert 2 471-2613 rclements@leg.ne.gov
Day, Jen 49 471-2725 jday@leg.ne.gov
DeBoer, Wendy 10 471-2718 wdeboer@leg.ne.gov
Dorn, Myron 30 471-2620 mdorn@leg.ne.gov
Erdman, Steve 47 471-2616 serdman@leg.ne.gov
Flood, Mike 19 471-2929 mflood@leg.ne.gov
Friesen, Curt 34 471-2630 cfriesen@leg.ne.gov
Geist, Suzanne 25 471-2731 sgeist@leg.ne.gov
Gragert, Tim 40 471-2801 tgragert@leg.ne.gov
Groene, Mike 42 471-2729 mgroene@leg.ne.gov
Halloran, Steve 33 471-2712 shalloran@leg.ne.gov
Hansen, Ben 16 471-2728 bhansen@leg.ne.gov
Hansen, Matt 26 471-2610 mhansen@leg.ne.gov
Hilgers, Mike 21 471-2723 mhilgers@leg.ne.gov
Hilkemann, Robert 4 471-2621 rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov
Hughes, Dan 44 471-2805 dhughes@leg.ne.gov
Hunt, Megan 8 471-2722 mhunt@leg.ne.gov
Kolterman, Mark 24 471-2756 mkolterman@leg.ne.gov
Lathrop, Steve 12 471-2623 slathrop@leg.ne.gov
Lindstrom, Brett 18 471-2618 blindstrom@leg.ne.gov
Linehan, Lou Ann 39 471-2885 llinehan@leg.ne.gov
Lowe, John 37 471-2726 jlowe@leg.ne.gov
McCollister, John 20 471-2622 jmccollister@leg.ne.gov
McDonnell, Mike 5 471-2710 mmcdonnell@leg.ne.gov
McKinney, Terrel 11 471-2712 tmckinney@leg.ne.gov
Morfeld, Adam 46 471-2720 amorfeld@leg.ne.gov
Moser, Mike 22 471-2715 mmoser@leg.ne.gov
Murman, Dave 38 471-2732 dmurman@leg.ne.gov
Pahls, Rich 31 471-2327 rpahls@leg.ne.gov
Pansing Brooks, Patty 28 471-2633 ppansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov
Sanders, Rita 45 471-2617 rsanders@leg.ne.gov
Slama, Julie 1 471-2733 jslama@leg.ne.gov
Stinner, John 48 471-2802 jstinner@leg.ne.gov
Vargas, Tony 7 471-2721 tvargas@leg.ne.gov
Walz, Lynne 15 471-2625 lwalz@leg.ne.gov
Wayne, Justin 13 471-2727 jwayne@leg.ne.gov
Williams, Matt 36 471-2642 mwilliams@leg.ne.gov
Wishart, Anna 27 471-2632 awishart@leg.ne.gov

3: Know your issues, share your data

Voicesforchildren.com contains a wealth of information including:

  • Legislative Priority bills
  • Blog
  • Kids Count NEteractive data tool
  • Electronic version of the Kids Count in Nebraska Report

To stay current on children’s legislative issues, sign up for our free advoKID email alerts on our website to help you respond to the issues affecting children in the unicameral.

To use the KIDS COUNT Data Center – the interactive home of National, state, and county level data visit datacenter.kidscount.org.

To view the legislative calendar, read bills, listen live and more, visit nebraskalegislature.gov.

Other elected officials

U.S. President: Joe Biden
202-456-1414, president@whitehouse.gov

Nebraska Governor: Pete Ricketts
402-471-2244, www.governor.nebraska.gov

Nebraska Secretary of State: Bob Evnen
402-471-2554, www.sos.ne.gov

Nebraska Attorney General: Doug Peterson
402-471-2682, www.ago.state.ne.us

Nebraska State Treasurer: John Murante
402-471-2455, www.treasurer.org

U.S. Senator: Deb Fischer

U.S. Senator: Ben Sasse
202-224-4224, www.sasse.senate.gov

U.S. Representative-1st District: Jeff Fortenberry
202-225-4806, www.fortenberry.house.gov

U.S. Representative-2nd District: Don Bacon
202-225-4155, www.bacon.house.gov

U.S. Representative-3rd District: Adrian Smith
202-225-6435, www.adriansmith.house.gov