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Index of Race & Opportunity 2023

Nebraska was founded under values of opportunity and equality for all, but when looking at the data and research on Nebraska’s children and families, a harsher reality is uncovered– one of disparity and lack of equitable chance of future success and opportunity for children of color. In response to this, the Index of Race & Opportunity for Nebraska Children was created. A composite score of 13 indicators of child well-being was calculated to highlight disparities in opportunity and measure progress toward race equity and inclusion.

Indicators used include:


  • Children with health insurance coverage
  • Babies born at normal birth rate (5.5 pounds or more)


  • 3- and 5-year-olds enrolled in school
  • Reading proficiently at 3rd grade
  • 19-26-year-olds employed or attending school

Economic Stability

  • Children living above the Federal Poverty Level
  • Median family income
  • Children living in a low-poverty areas (poverty <20%)

Juvenile Justice

  • Rate a juvenile case receives a fine/fee
  • Youth not in juvenile detention facilities

Child Welfare

  • Children not involved in the child welfare system
  • State Wards receiving in-home services
  • Children with three or fewer out-of-home placements